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Undoubtedly, the events of the past year have changed the way you practice law. There are so many reasons why we should embrace a remote deposition, even with the world beginning to reopen. Remote depositions make sense in a lot of situations, and with the advanced technology available, you’ll feel like you’re in person. Does it really make sense to spend both time and money on travel, printing, shipping, conference rooms, and much more if it’s not necessary? Enjoy the convenience factor with top-notch security.

While remote depositions are not exactly new anymore, who wouldn’t appreciate a refresh of the must-have features to ensure we’re utilizing everything that is available? Planet Depos was covering remote depositions long before they were the only way to take depositions, so we have plenty of tips to share! So, what specific features should you look for (and take advantage of) when scheduling your remote deposition to ensure that it is a seamless process?

  • Demos and Testing Available to You
    • Take time to refresh yourself on how the platform works to make sure you are prepared
    • Test your equipment, connection speed, and strength with a White Glove Tech
  • White Glove Technicians
    • An extra hand to help the remote depo run smoothly
    • Let the technician take care of the exhibits for you
    • Any technology questions or issues will be handled by the trained technicians
  • Present Exhibits
    • Pull up exhibits yourself or have our techs manage them
    • Present, annotate, and mark exhibits from the online platform
  • Advanced Technical Capabilities
    • Crystal clear audio
    • The ability to see the witness, court reporter, opposing counsel, and all exhibits in one user interface
    • Multiple connections (up to 500 participants)
    • Join from any device or operating system
  • 24/7/365 Service & Support
    • Our team is available all day, every day to support you and help with scheduling

Our Technicians at Planet Depos handled thousands of remote depositions through Zoom prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to do so. With these tips and your list of must-have features, you will be well-equipped to take your remote deposition.

Remote options allow you to take depositions anytime and anyplace, and the Planet Depos team is here to Make It Happen. You can take a remote deposition if you have access to high-speed internet, a mobile device with a camera, or a phone line, in any location. Advances in technology empower law firms to have a more efficient and streamlined litigation process.

With a global network of court reporting professionals, Planet Depos is poised to provide excellent coverage, wherever your deposition takes you, either in person, or via secure remote technology. For more information or to schedule, contact Planet Depos at, or schedule online.


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