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Court Reporting Services & Certified Court Reporters

When you work with Planet Depos, you will get a personalized and adaptive court reporting experience. We provide court reporting services around the world, with local offices and court reporters to meet your needs. Setting up a standing order is encouraged and easy, be it firm-wide, case-specific, or attorney-by-attorney.

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Our Certified Court Reporters & Stenographers

Certified court reporters located around the world

Many of our court reporters possess state and/or national certifications. Each and every court reporter completes an assessment to ascertain their skill level, knowledge of hardware and software applications, as well as subject-matter expertise.

Many of Planet Depos Court Reporters hold one or more of the following certifications:

  • State Certified Shorthand Reporter
  • Registered Professional Reporter
  • Registered Merit Reporter
  • Registered Diplomate Reporter
  • Certified Realtime Reporter
  • Realtime Systems Administrator

As career-long advocates of professionalism in court reporting, we endeavor to find like-minded individuals who demonstrate a commitment to personal excellence, continuing education, and superior client services. We offer regular training and education for our court reporters targeted at technology, ethics, and changes in the professional landscape.

International Court Reporting

The demands of a complex cross-border dispute require knowledgeable and responsive legal teams who have all the answers to your most difficult international challenges. With decades of global experience, the Planet Depos team takes care of every detail, allowing you to focus on the important legal issues of the case. Planet Depos currently has court reporters and videographers living throughout Asia and Europe that are U.S. trained, with required visas and work permits. We are experts in rules and restrictions regarding taking depositions internationally and provide on-the-ground staff to handle exhibit printing, shredding and other administrative needs.  These professionals living and working abroad are also excellent resources for travel tips.

Request a free copy of our International Deposition Guide to learn more.

Ready to schedule internationally, or have a quick question? Visit our international scheduling portal.

Digital Court Reporting

There is a critical shortage of stenographic court reporters across the nation. Although the use of digital court reporting has been around for decades, advancements in technology now allow us to capture depositions in this manner. With fewer stenographic professionals entering the field each year than are required for the demand of proceedings, the court reporting industry is implementing these advanced digital technologies to ensure that all proceedings continue to take place in a timely manner.

Digital court reporters use state-of-the-art recording equipment to record proceedings, with no fewer than two (2) audio backups, a laptop, audio mixer, and software to identify speakers and keep relevant notes. Not only do digital court reporters continually monitor the volume and quality of the audio, they also take extensive simultaneous notes which are time-linked to the audio, allowing for quick and easy access for “readbacks,” or playbacks. Many of Planet Depos Court Reporters hold one or more of the following certifications:

  • Certified Electronic Court Reporter
  • Certified Electronic Transcriber

Learn more about digital court reporting in our Digital Court Reporting Q&A.

Court Reporting Leadership Team

Our court reporters are led by our court reporting leadership team that includes highly credentialed reporters:

Lisa DiMonte, Planet Depos Chief Executive Officer

Lisa DiMonte

Registered Diplomate Reporter and Certified Manager of Reporting Services

Kathy DiLorenzo, Planet Depos Director of Court Reporting

Kathy DiLorenzo
Director of Court Reporting

Registered Diplomate Reporter, a Certified Realtime Reporter, a Certified Broadcast Captioner, a Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters, as well as Past President of the National Court Reporters Association.


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