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Ayers Rock, Ulura, Australia

Ayers Rock, Ulura, Australia

Taking a remote deposition of a witness, especially internationally, often involves thinking outside the box and stepping outside your comfort zone.  When taking depositions of witnesses in more remote areas of the world, the wonders of technology can be your best friend. Mobile videoconferencing is a fantastic option when traditional videoconferencing is not an option at all.

Your remote witness will need a reliable internet connection. Determine the time difference, schedule accordingly, and bam! There you are. For example, consider the huge country Australia. Australia’s big cities are well-known – Sydney, Bisbane, and Melbourne are all popular destinations Down Under. But Australia is a vast country, with several terrains and territories, and your witness residing in say Alice Springs may not be able or willing to travel to one of the big cities just for a brief deposition. This is where mobile videoconferencing steps in and shines.

Should your witness need it, consider hiring a legal videographer who can step in and double as technician to set up their connection and keep it strong throughout the videoconference. It is best to also have the court reporter in the presence of the witness. Meanwhile, you can pose your questions from the comfort of your office, or even from your home office, depending on the hour! A bonus worth consideration: request a realtime stream from the court reporter, to doubly ensure a smooth, efficient deposition.


Now, should you be able to travel to Australia for your deposition, do not pass up the opportunity!  In this country’s Northern Territory (home to Alice Springs), walking tours are available in exotic Uluru. Exploring this sandstone paradise, with springs, caves, ancient paintings, and your hospitable tour guides, the Anangu people, is a once-in-a-lifetime treat! Stay all day if you can, to see every shade this region offers as the sun shifts by the hour. Also, you’ll get to see kangaroos!

Planet Depos has been covering depositions in all regions of the globe (where law permits), including those more remote, such as Alice Springs. For more information on international depositions, remote or not, contact Planet Depos International Scheduling at 888.433.3767, via email at, or use our easy international scheduling portal.

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