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South America is a gorgeous, vibrant continent, eliciting thoughts of bright colors, exciting music, mouth-watering dishes, and a vivacious, friendly people.  And the landscape!  Everything from long stretches of stark sand and sky, soaring mountain ranges, and of course, the rainforest with humidity, fascinating bird calls, and beautiful, often dangerous, animals.  Who wouldn’t want to visit?  Perhaps depositions could take you to this mesmerizing continent.  Should that be the case, you need to know, Colombia would love to host your depositions!

Colombia makes taking depositions very easy.  Depositions are permitted of any willing witness, regardless of nationality.  Colombia’s neighbors Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela do not permit depositions, so Colombia wants any depos of your Brazilian, Ecuadorian, or Venezuelan witnesses as well!  Depositions may be taken remotely by videoconference, or in person, with a plethora of location options available to ensure comfort and convenience for all attending.

Should you be attending your depositions in person, Colombia’s going to keep going easy on you.  Travel requirements are pretty sweet!

  • No visa required for U.S. citizens visiting for up to 90 days
  • Passport must be valid at time of entry, with one blank page for your entry stamp (it is always recommended to travel internationally with no less than six months’ validity on your passport)
  • Return/onward ticket is required
  • Remember to check travel alerts and advisories before traveling anywhere internationally
  • Review our international travel safety tips

If attending remotely, remember:

  • Conduct a test call to confirm the stability of the connection between sites
  • Verify agreement regarding the administration of the oath
  • It is best if the reporter, interpreter and videographer are with the witness to ensure a cleaner, more accurate transcript

To make sure your depositions in Colombia run smoothly, and you get the biggest bang for your buck, schedule with an international court reporting agency.  You’ll have a seasoned, well-traveled reporting team keeping things business as usual.  You’ll very likely get some tips on places to see during your stay, dishes to try, and other valuable tidbits travelers treasure.


Planet Depos has been covering depositions in Colombia for years, with experts on the area.  To schedule your Colombia deposition, or get more information on South America (or any other continent), contact Planet Depos International at 888.433.3767, through our Quick Questions form, or schedule easily online.

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