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As a party to the Hague Evidence Convention, Croatia requires prior permission from the Croatian Central Authority when taking depositions of Croatian or third-country nationals.  Letters of request must be sent to the Croatian Ministry of Justice by the requesting party, rather than through diplomatic channels.  Per Croatia’s declaration regarding Article 15 of the Hague Evidence Convention, prior permission is not required for U.S. attorneys to depose U.S. citizens residing in Croatia.

Croatia is a beautiful country and popular vacation spot for Western Europeans.  In fact, Croatia ranks in the top 20 tourist destinations in the world, with tourism providing a significant source of revenue during the summer months.  Dubrovnik is one of the more popular cities to visit (and serves as a location for filming Game of Thrones).  The city’s Old Town begs to be explored and will stun you every step of your journey.  Dubrovnik offers a wide array of accommodations, including five-star luxury hotels, some with private beaches.  The capital, Zagreb, is another excellent choice, and is easy to reach.  Zagreb offers much in the way of museums and galleries, and frequently has exhibitions and events going on.  This is also a city offering luxury accommodations.  Both cities have international airports.

Croats speak Croatian, which has three major dialects: Shtokavian, Chakavian, and Kajkavian.  Nearly half of Croats speak English as a second language.  Croats are very protective of their language, not surprising given the country’s turbulent history under different empires, each of which changed and threatened the Croatian language.  A local interpreter will likely be needed for any deposition of a Croat, and working with a court reporting firm accustomed to handling depositions in Europe will simplify the process of locating a quality Croatian-English interpreter.  You will receive for review resumes from only experienced interpreters knowledgeable on subject matter related to your depositions.

Your court reporting firm seasoned in European depositions will provide you with a stellar reporter and videographer as well.  Text audio and video can be streamed to attorneys attending the deposition remotely.  Videoconferencing or mobile videoconferencing are options as well, if only the witness will be present with the reporter and videographer in Croatia.  Your videographer can act as a technician to ensure a clear, uninterrupted connection.

A visa is not required for U.S. citizens traveling to Croatia.  You will need a passport valid for at least six months beyond your planned date of departure and at least one blank page for an entry stamp.  Croat currency is the Kuna.  Currency can be exchanged in banks, post offices, and authorized exchange bureaus.  ATMs are plentiful, and major credit cards are also widely accepted.  You can check the exchange rate at OANDA.  Croatia’s climate is varied, with a more continental climate inland and a Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic coast.  Check the local weather before your travel so you are packed appropriately for the forecast!

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