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Legal Videography

The persuasive power of video is indisputable. While our skilled stenographic court reporters create a verbatim record of the deposition or other legal proceeding, words alone do not capture body language, intonation, facial expressions, agitation disrespect or gestures. Video records these visual cues to tell the full story.

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Legal Videography

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With the help our expert technicians, legal videography can effectively communicate complex material into understandable concepts.  Further, it can persuasively demonstrate the veracity of the deponent by highlighting lack of eye contact, witness coaching, nervous fidgeting or chair swiveling, anxious tone of voice, or hesitation.

All Planet Depos legal videographers shoot in digital format using professional-grade, high-definition cameras. 

On the rare occasion when technical issues arise, our videographers are trained to resolve any such issues onsite and without delay.

In addition to deposition videos, videographers are trained to shoot high-definition picture-in-picture depositions, day-in-the-life videos, mediation or settlement videos, site inspections and mock depositions. Our videographers are trained in trial presentation, onsite editing and mobile videoconferencing.

Post-production services include nonlinear editing, media enhancement, duplication and conversion, as well as trial consulting, preparation and presentation.

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Our industry-leading team and technology produces broadcast quality media for presentation at mediations, hearings, trials and arbitrations.  Post-production services include nonlinear editing, media enhancement, duplication and conversion of any type of audio or video, including surveillance, evidentiary, documentary and training videos, into various formats including MPEG.


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