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The process of taking depositions in Japan is quite different than in the U.S. or other locales. There are a few hurdles involved, but there is a way to knock down several with just one step.  Eliminate the panic that can ensue when preparing the court order, the worry of deposition visas being procured in time for your court reporter and videographer, and any last-minute issues at the Embassy or Consulate by partnering with a firm with court reporters and videographers with resident visas in Japan!  As residents of Japan, these reporters and videographers will not need to obtain a deposition visa.  Once you have retained the firm’s services, it may be helpful to share a draft of the court order with them since they are familiar with layout and contents. Oftentimes they can spot minor omissions or errors that can cause great delays or even cancellations later.

It is important to remember that there are several steps to scheduling depositions in Japan, so it is best to contact the court reporting firm as early as possible.  You want to make sure that they have availability for your deposition date(s) and that the conference room at the Embassy in Tokyo or Consulate in Osaka is available.  Planet Depos (formerly American Realtime) has been covering depositions in Osaka and Tokyo for over a decade, staffed by reporters and videographers with resident visas in Japan.  This not only prevents any issues with your court reporting team being denied entry to the Embassy or Consulate, it also eliminates the risk of delays or even cancellations due to omissions or errors in the court order.  The firm can review your draft of the court order before you submit it, so use their expertise to your advantage to make sure the entire process goes smoothly — from scheduling depositions to delivery of the final transcripts and videos.

They will also take care of getting your equipment list to the Embassy or Consulate on time and also provide tips on what to do when you arrive at the Embassy or Consulate.  The U.S.- certified realtime reporter and videographer can assist with printing exhibits (even at the last minute!), and offer tips to make your stay in Japan truly memorable.  Who better to recommend a restaurant than a local who can tell you about the unique spots they’ve found while living in Japan?

For more information on depositions in Japan, or to begin the scheduling process, contact Planet Depos International Scheduling at 888.433.3767 or

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Suzanne Quinson is the Content Marketing Strategist with Planet Depos and former Production Case Manager. She lives in Beaufort, SC, with her jaunty Jack Russell Bocephus. Her free time is mostly spent beaching, reading, baking, gardening and sprucing up Banjolele Cottage, and touring the Low Country and beyond with the ever-faithful pup.


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