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Organization is crucial to success, and even the most orderly among us can sometimes use some help getting organized. Even Hercule Poirot, one of the most orderly souls ever to have existed on the page, had Miss Lemon, the most efficient of secretaries, to aid him. Paralegals know the importance of organization better than pretty much anyone else and possess impressive organizational skills. The bigger the paralegal’s caseload, and the bigger the cases comprising that caseload, the more important it becomes to get and stay organized. What paralegal wouldn’t love a tool that helps them do just that? One such tool is the Planet Portal, the complimentary online repository available to paralegals scheduling with Planet Depos.

Security is also crucial in the world of litigation, with confidential information often shielded by iron-clad protective orders. Security is therefore a vital concern to be addressed straight away. Not to worry! The Portal features enhanced security measures rendering it an impenetrable fortress for all confidential case information. Once you’re registered and set up in the Portal, anytime you log in from a new browser or IP address, you will need to complete the multi-factor authentication requirements to access the Portal. You will also need to beef up your password strategy, as the requirements are a little more involved for added security. Be prepared to replace your password every six months to further protect your privacy.

Yet another constancy in litigation is frequent, sudden changes. Schedules shift constantly in complex litigation, and paralegals must be on top of every switch. It’s like running in sand, and that’s not easy. But calendar management is a snap with the Portal. You can effortlessly keep tabs on each case you and Planet Depos are working on together. Pull up your preferred calendar view, and from there you can –

  1. Schedule a new proceeding
  2. Cancel/reschedule an existing proceeding
  3. Add desired specialties (e.g., videography for a compelling tool at trial) for a scheduled proceeding

In your calendar you can search by the case or witness name, by job number, or a range of dates. The flexibility of search criteria means you can search by whatever criteria works best for you and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Storage is free, safe, and virtually unlimited on the Portal. This keeps things clean, green, and protected! Everyone knows storage is precious and can be costly. To keep all your case files together in a free, secure, virtual repository is a benefit you can’t put a price tag on. This really does include all the case files, including the more voluminous video and synched load files, e.g., LiveNote (LEF), TextMap (XMEF), Case Notebook (PTZ), and TrialDirector (CMS). Hardbounds are still an option, of course, but having all the files in your online repository means you can log in and speedily download whatever files you need as soon as you need them.

Storage is not limited to transcripts and video. You can keep all your case invoices organized on the Portal, too! You can search invoices by different criteria to make it easy to find and review the invoice you want. Set search criteria by job or invoice date, by the billed to contact, by case, or by your client matter number. This is a great tool for keeping your Planet Depos invoices “handy.”

In the legal world, preparation is vital, and organization is key. With litigation having picked up in 2021, every paralegal can use organizational tools and tips that help keep you sane and your schedule on track. This is the perfect time to explore the Planet Portal and maximize its utility. See how easy it is to keep your case organized, from scheduling all the way through to invoicing, in one place that is secure, user-friendly, and free.

Planet Depos has been providing court reporting services for over a decade. For more information on Planet Depos offerings, or to schedule your next deposition, contact Planet Depos at, or schedule online.


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Suzanne Quinson
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Suzanne Quinson is the Content Marketing Strategist with Planet Depos and former Production Case Manager. She lives in Beaufort, SC, with her jaunty Jack Russell Bocephus. Her free time is mostly spent beaching, reading, baking, gardening and sprucing up Banjolele Cottage, and touring the Low Country and beyond with the ever-faithful pup.


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