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Large cases involve many moving parts – tight deadlines, fast-paced and ever-evolving schedules, seas of exhibits, rosters of witnesses, etc., etc. Paralegals don’t wear capes, but every good attorney knows they have superhero-worthy organization, time management and delegating skills, to name a few. Every good paralegal knows partnering with the right court reporting agency makes managing the moving parts in an intricate case a much more streamlined process. So, what does that court reporting agency look like? You’re about to see.

Experience Matters

You do not want a novice on this case. If your large matter is Intellectual Property, you want names of IP cases the agency has covered so you know they’ve played in the league before. Look at agencies with rich case history, for example, ITC matters, IP, Big Pharma, PTAB, multidistrict and multiparty. You’re looking for evidence that this firm is well versed in large cases, and you want to see that firms go back to them again and again for their work. Check out what other law firms have to say regarding professionalism, flexibility, and expertise.

On-Point Pricing

Complex matters are expensive, and there is no way around that fact. But that doesn’t mean your client wants to go carte blanche on court reporting costs. You should be able to speak with a dedicated account executive about your and your client’s needs and expectations. They should then be able to provide you with pricing that is reasonable to you and your client because it is easy to understand.

Exhibit Management

Exhibits are a powerful component in a large case matter, but they can be a headache when they are many and voluminous! Your court reporting agency should be able to provide solutions to the exhibit storage and organization issue. Ideally you want to see a comprehensive tool for limitless secure storage of all case exhibits throughout the duration of the case. It should allow for easy and efficient collaboration, while maintaining tight security with AES 256-bit encryption. You should be able to maintain control of your exhibits in the repository, controlling who can upload, access, and view them, as well as who can send documents via secure links.

Realtime Reporting

Realtime court reporting is cool technology paired with awe-inducing skill. In a complex matter, with all those shifting schedules and rigid deadlines, realtime is a required service for the time it saves. Not all court reporters provide realtime, so make sure the agency you partner with has court reporters who are seasoned realtime professionals. You want highly accurate realtime translation in the deposition room and the flawless finals these realtime reporters can provide.

International Presence

Complex matters can see your team travel the world, so you need a team that knows all the rules and regulations wherever your case will take you. Look for an agency with international presence, i.e., experience, offices, and court reporters, videographers, and interpreters all over the globe. This is the firm with travel tips, as well as time and money-saving tips. They can guide you on everything from language to include in your court order to visa requirements to getting through security at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. In addition to invaluable advice on international depositions, this firm has enough teams everywhere to seriously slash travel costs. It is no coincidence that these are teams with a wealth of experience in large, complex matters.

Dedicated Case Management

Complex matters require efficient coordination between your reporting agency and your team. From the moment you partner with the reporting agency, a whole crew of case management experts should be lined up to take care of every detail. This team needs to be available literally around the clock, so no scheduling detail is overlooked, no standing order item (or change!) is missed, and the response time and live support is there when you need it. Your dedicated case manager works closely with your firm and your account executive to guarantee your expectations are exceeded at every opportunity.

Planet Depos has developed large casework expertise through years of experience, with best-in-class court reporting, cutting-edge technology, and an ability to adapt on the fly with the thrill-a-minute schedules complex litigation entails. With a global network of court reporting professionals, Planet Depos is poised to provide first-rate coverage, wherever your matter takes you, either in person, or via secure remote technology. For more information or to schedule, contact Planet Depos at, or schedule online.


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