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Recently we highlighted Prague as an option to depose your German witnesses, as the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt has momentarily halted all depositions.  Who wouldn’t seize the opportunity to visit Prague?  It is widely considered a not-so-hidden gem!  Well, should your witness not wish to travel east, how about (north)west?  Amsterdam, not too far from Frankfurt, is an appealing alternative, as well as another tourist hotspot.  Read on to see why.

Canals of Amsterdam at Night

Canals of Amsterdam at Night

Depositions are easy to schedule in the Netherlands.  There is no prior permission required to depose a willing witness, regardless of nationality, and depositions can be scheduled at any hotel, law office, or business center.  It’s exactly like taking a depo in the States, except it’s a longer trek to the depo room.  But while the trip takes more time, it doesn’t require that much more effort.  There is no visa required for visits of 90 days or fewer.  Your passport must be valid for six months past your departure date, and you will need two blank pages in your passport for your new stamps.

Speaking of travel, coordinating with a global court reporting agency with reporters, videographers and interpreters scattered over Europe can greatly minimize travel costs to your client.  The on-the-ground reporting professionals are quick to jump in and assist with details like last-minute print jobs, catering requests, security of the conference room and the like.  Since they’re local at least to Europe and well-traveled for sure, they can help you get the most out of your time in this captivating city.

Amsterdam enthralls visitors with its elaborate canals (and over 1,000 bridges!) and unique eye-catching narrow houses.  Throw in the windmills, tulips, and the number of bicyclists zipping all around the city, and you’ve got an idea of the quirky, pretty landscape.  Actually, a great way to explore Amsterdam is to check out all eight of her windmills, one of which is conveniently located near a brewery, and another near a café.  Speaking of Dutch beer, you can also tour the Heineken Experience, located in their former brewery.

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If neither windmills nor beer tempt you, why not peruse the world’s largest Van Gogh collection?  The Van Gogh Museum houses not only the works of its namesake, but several pieces by his contemporaries.  It is one of the most popular museums in the Netherlands and an excellent place to pass some time.  History museums are another good choice for any free hours you may have during your stay, as Holland has a fascinating history.

If you do opt out of a trip across the Atlantic, however, videoconferencing is a good option to depose your witness in Amsterdam (an option never available in Frankfurt, even when depositions are!).  Setting up a clear videoconference connection is simple when you have the proper technicians and 24/7 support staff available to assist throughout the entirety of your videoconference, should the need arise.  Do not skip the test call!  Run a test of the connection a few days before the scheduled deposition. This prevents delays, or worse, when your witness arrives on location in Amsterdam after traveling from Germany and can’t see and/or hear you, or vice versa.

Planet Depos has been covering depositions throughout Europe for over a decade.  For more tips on taking depositions in Germany, Netherlands or anywhere else in Europe, contact Planet Depos International Scheduling at

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