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With all depositions currently being taken by remote methods, there is virtually no limit to where you can take your depositions. You can depose a witness states away – in fact, you can depose a witness countries away. Yes, remote technology will allow you to depose a witness that far away. The criteria are the same as any other remote deposition. Cases are moving forward, and with them, depositions are scheduling. As attorneys become more and more comfortable with the remote deposition platforms and technology, they are scheduling more depositions. For more than two months now, law firms have been delaying their international depositions, employing the “wait and see” approach. But why not see how many international depositions can be scheduled by remote means as well?

Remote international depositions – The Old Normal

Remote international depositions are nothing new. They are convenient (except for the time difference) and with all the improvements to remote technology in recent times, they are worthy of hefty consideration now and into the future. If you need to depose a witness in the Netherlands, or in Hong Kong, go ahead! No need to wait until you can book a flight, hotel, and conference room. Provided remote depositions are legal in the country where your witness resides, you can schedule that deposition with all parties in their respective homes or appropriate space. Your global court reporting agency can let you know immediately if there are restrictions barring remote depositions in the witness’ home country, and you can proceed accordingly. The good news is, in many countries, you can!

In fact, even though international depositions have slowed drastically in the past few months, they are still happening. For example, homebound attorneys have deposed homebound witnesses as far away as Guam, Korea, and Taiwan. Where was the reporter? Staying at home in Japan, of course. Remote depositions can connect participants from all over the globe, even its more remote corners. This is serious technology! You can expect all the normal deliverables, with realtime, rough drafts, video, etc., and even an expedited final.

Preparing for your remote deposition

Preparing for a remote international deposition is not so different from preparing for remote depositions in general. Each participant needs reliable internet, and hard-wired internet is optimal. You will need to perform all the checks recommended for any other remote deposition. Make sure each connecting party, including the witness and interpreter, completes the test call. With time differences and constraints involved, every precaution must be taken to eliminate lags and interruptions to the deposition. Interpreted depositions take twice as long as non-interpreted depositions, so all steps to optimize audio clarity must be taken. Most international depositions are interpreted. Put in the time before the deposition to avoid the deposition needlessly taking too much time.


Clear communication is key for successful international depositions, remote or otherwise, with time zones between attorneys and their offices, or witnesses. The truly global court reporting agency has 24/7/365 availability, reporters all around the world, and expertise in all things remote and international depositions. This agency can anticipate and effectively communicate what you need to successfully conduct your depositions abroad from home.

Planet Depos has been covering depositions around the globe for over a decade, using remote deposition technology when necessary. More than experts on international depositions, they are experts on remote depositions as well. For more information on international depositions and where you can schedule remote international depositions, contact

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