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Court Reporting & Depositions in Hong Kong

Wherever your deposition or arbitration is being held in Hong Kong, Planet Depos has qualified court reporters and videographers available to cover all of your proceeding needs.


Ongoing Unrest In Hong Kong

There has been some instability in Hong Kong amid recent political protests; however we are still scheduling depositions locally. In the wake of the demonstrations there may be decreased reliability and consistency with on the ground transportation, delayed or reduced opening times for offices and meeting spaces, temporary airport shutdowns, and potential flight delays.

Welcome to Planet Depos, where finding a qualified court reporter in Hong Kong has never been easier. We have local experienced and professional Hong Kong court reporters providing the highest quality transcripts in every area of law, including intellectual property, pharmaceutical, environmental, construction, medical malpractice, labor and employment, securities and commercial litigation. Our local, highly skilled court reporters have decades of experience making the record under the auspices of various international bodies and rules.

All of our deposition suites are outfitted with video conference equipment. With local legal videographers, Planet Depos makes videoconferencing in Hong Kong easy. Our conference locations are fully stocked with office supplies, refreshments, wireless internet and copy/fax machines.

Deposition Services in Hong Kong

No prior permission required for depositions in Hong Kong:

Court reporters are not authorized to administer the oath in Hong Kong, so the oath will need to be stipulated on the record. Another option would be to apply to the court for a Commission to Administer Oaths.

How We Can Help in Hong Kong

  • U.S.-trained court reporters and videographers living in Hong Kong.
  • Vetted interpreters with extensive deposition experience.
  • No Travel Fees.
  • On-the-ground assistance to handle exhibit printing, shredding, and other administrative needs.
  • 24/7 support.

Conference Rooms in Hong Kong

Most U.S.-based attorneys prefer the convenience of conducting depositions at a conference room in their hotel in Hong Kong. For those that prefer an alternative, we are pleased to offer the following conference room location:

21F Pico Tower
66 Gloucester Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3018 4997

20/F, 100 QRC
One International Finance Centre
Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3018 4997

Contact us for assistance with hotels and conference rooms in Hong Kong.

Highlights from Hong Kong

  • Chinese New Year is the most beloved of all holidays in Hong Kong (also Taiwan). The actual dates vary each year, but one thing that does not change – this is the busiest, most expensive travel season in Hong Kong. It is worth checking your deposition dates to make sure they do not fall within Chinese New Year, as interpreters will usually decline to work during this holiday, and conference rooms will be booked far in advance, etc.
  • Street food! Hong Kong is renowned for its food, particularly the street food. A food tour is a must in this city – try stinky tofu, fish balls, and other unique dishes. You can even get dim sum dishes street food style!
  • Victoria Harbour – the largest harbor in China anchors one of the world’s most spectacular skylines. Definitely a must-see if depos take you to Hong Kong, whether you walk through the promenade or hop on a ferry.
(852) 3018 4997
$1.00 USD = 7.81 HKD

2023 International Deposition Guide

Resources & Services

Deposition Checklist

Check out the Planet Depos checklist specific to taking depositions in Hong Kong and be ready for your next deposition.

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Planet Depos offers cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription, and related services for arbitrations in Hong Kong.

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Court Hearings

We are approved to provide Judicial Services, and our local reporters have experience with the formalities and procedures of the Hong Kong court system.

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Travel Tips

Before you book your travel to Hong Kong, make sure you check out these Hong Kong Travel Tips.

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