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As mentioned in previous blogs, international depositions provide prime opportunities to expand your cultural horizons and tap into your inner Magellan.  If you aren’t attending your depositions overseas via videoconference, your travel will expose you to local traditions and fascinating histories, as well as offer up the finest in culinary treats!  Ask your reporter or videographer where to find the best dishes.  Ask your interpreter how to place an order in the local dialect!

Laksa, a spicy noodle soup, is another favorite in Singapore

Laksa, a spicy noodle soup, is another favorite in Singapore

The city-state of Singapore is a rising star in the world of international arbitration and is also considered by foodies to be one of the world’s hot spots.  Street food is a particular treasure, reflecting the small nation’s diversity.  The Malaysian word rojak (mixture) describes the population, as well as a celebrated Singapore dish: salad with large fruit, potato, cucumber and mushroom chunks, mixed with roasted peanuts and typically topped with sweet potato gravy heavy on the chili.  Laksa, a spicy noodle soup, is another favorite in this island city-state.  If you find yourself in Singapore for a deposition or arbitration, channel Anthony Bourdain and grab a bowl!

A blog on gastronomic delights wouldn’t be complete without including France (at least, not a blog written by a Frenchie), home to the world’s gastronomic capital, Lyon (my Grand’pere and Grand’maman’s hometown!).  Not only is Lyon home to one of the U.S. Consulates where you can depose your willing witness in France, but it is the hub of seemingly limitless delectable dishes.  The sausage is unbelievably tasty (though your arteries will not appreciate the experience).  Regardless of where your depositions in France are scheduled, your court reporting team can direct you to the best places in town to eat.

Lyon - The food capital of France.

Lyon – The food capital of France.

When not savoring the local cuisine, of course, there’s work to do.  You didn’t travel to Asia or Europe just to pack on a few pounds!  A realtime reporter can help you maintain efficiency with roughs delivered shortly after the conclusion of the day’s depo, in addition to having provided immediate access to the day’s testimony, either on a loaner laptop or your own.  The experienced interpreter keeps the deposition moving along without unnecessary delays caused by ignorance of the subject matter or lack of professionalism.  The skilled videographer speedily and expertly resolves any technical issues which can sometimes arise, again keeping the deposition proceeding in a smooth, timely fashion.  Keep in mind, the videographer’s high definition recording can be used in trial if needed, as foreign witnesses often cannot be compelled to testify in person at a U.S. trial.

Planet Depos has been covering depositions and legal proceedings abroad for over 10 years.  For more information, contact Planet Depos International Scheduling at 888.433.3767 or

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