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International travel for your depositions can be exhausting — and not nearly as glamorous as it may seem.  However, traveling around the globe to take depositions or other legal proceedings is certainly not without its perks.  For example, it exposes you to a plethora of cultures, and if you’re lucky, you may get to witness some very unique aspects of those cultures.  Nothing displays local traditions in Asia like a holiday.

On September 27, 2015, Mid-Autumn Day was celebrated throughout Asia, with a myriad of traditions packed with symbolism and history.   The holiday (of Chinese origin) is also known as Moon Festival, legends involving the moon woven into the celebrations.  One of the most popular of these legends is the story of Chang’e, who drank a magic elixir which instantly made her immortal and flew her to the moon.  One tradition during Mid-Autumn Day is to make offerings of food to her and ask her for good fortune.

In Hong Kong, a special pastry called a mooncake is part of the celebration.  The pastries, so it is believed, were used by Yuan Dynasty revolutionaries to pass messages to each other in secrecy.  The Fire Dragon Dance, born in the 18th century to stop a plague, has been a tradition resurrected each year since then as part of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.  Lantern carnivals are hosted by countless Hong Kong neighborhoods to celebrate the festival (these span the days surrounding Mid-Autumn Day), with a bright array of lanterns, dances, and other colorful demonstrations.

Your local court reporter or videographer can tell you where and when  various celebrations occur if your proceedings in Asia fall near a holiday.  Even if your trip overseas doesn’t coincide with a holiday, the reporter, videographer, or interpreter can recommend places to really experience the local culture (not to mention the best food!).  After a long videoconference with opposing counsel in the States,  try that tucked-away restaurant known only to locals..  Teaming with the right court reporting firm provides not only quality coverage, but with local reporters, videographers, and interpreters, you also avoid travel costs and add a heavy dose of culture to your trip.

Planet Depos has been covering legal proceedings throughout Asia for more than a decade.  Reporters and videographers living in the region cover proceedings throughout Asia, often on short notice.  In addition to professional expertise, these reporters and videographers will gladly share their experience living in Asia to help you get the most out of your trip when you leave the conference room.  For information on legal proceedings throughout Asia, contact Planet Depos International Scheduling at 888-433-3767 or



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