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By Suzanne Quinson

The restrictive processes and guidelines for taking depositions in Japan, though frustrating at times, actually contain benefits stemming from their very rigidity.  An important aspect which must be taken into consideration when scheduling depositions in Japan is the tight time constraints in the deposition room.  The Embassy in Tokyo closes at 4 pm each day, the Consulate in Osaka at 5 pm and no one is allowed to linger in the deposition room to finish a question or gather exhibits.  All parties must exit the deposition room with all their personal effects promptly at the respective closing time.  In addition, each closes for a mandatory lunch hour, during which time the participants must exit the deposition room.

This unbending adherence to the Embassy/Consulate’s operating hours makes a quality interpreter all the more necessary, to avoid interruptions and delays caused by inefficiency.  An interpreted deposition in and of itself takes longer than one which is not interpreted, and in highly technical cases especially, an experienced and first-rate interpreter is absolutely essential.  Such interpreters are in very high demand in Japan and should be reserved as far in advance as possible.

While the shorter days at the Embassy or Consulate do mean you may have to schedule time for each witness, it also means you will be out of the Embassy or Consulate during daylight hours.  Especially during springtime, that is a real treat in Japan!  You can admire both the Sakura (world-famous cherry blossoms) and the lesser-known but equally charming peach blossoms at their heights of glory.  Here in the outlying neighborhoods of our nation’s capital, many of the cherry blossoms have been blown away by practically Biblical winds in the past few weeks!  It was a thrill to receive pictures from our reporter and videographer in Osaka, documenting the delicate floral splendor in Japan.

Working with a team of outstanding local professionals in the court reporting field will also help you save time while in Japan.  The reporter can take care of all your printing and shredding needs involving exhibits, assist you with train schedules should you need to venture to other parts of Japan before heading back to the States, all on top of providing you with an accurate record of the proceedings.  Of course, you will have realtime (though not wireless as per rules), and the videographer, a skilled technician, can assist anyone experiencing technical difficulties, again avoiding delays that cut into your limited time on Embassy/Consulate grounds!  You can even ask them for tips on where to dine and how to best utilize the precious free time you have while in Japan.

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