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Deposition Services in China

Though depositions are prohibited in mainland China, they may be taken in nearby Hong Kong. Participation in depositions in mainland China for use in foreign courts may result in the arrest, detention, or deportation of the participants. Hong Kong, on the other hand, allows depositions of willing witnesses and the process is relatively straightforward using the Planet Depos checklist for depositions in Hong Kong.

While depositions in China are prohibited, arbitration is extremely common. In recent years there have been over 100,000 arbitrations handled within mainland China per year. We offer cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription, and related services for arbitrations in China. Our teams of stenographers, editors, and IT specialists are strategically located throughout Asia to meet your needs.

Depositions are not permitted in China:

  • China is a member of The Hague Evidence Convention; however, depositions are NOT PERMITTED in the country. Anyone caught taking depositions in China can be subject to criminal penalties, arrest, detention, or deportation.
  • Willing Chinese witnesses may be deposed in nearby Asian countries, such as Hong Kong.

Prior permission is not required for depositions in Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong is a member The Hague Evidence Convention.
  • Depositions can be taken at any location.
  • Review your deposition checklist.
  • When scheduling an interpreter, make sure to note whether the dialect needed is Mandarin or Cantonese.

Court reporters are not authorized to administer the oath in Hong Kong, so the oath will need to be stipulated on the record. Another option would be to apply to the court for a Commission to Administer Oaths.

How We Can Help:

  • U.S.-trained court reporters and videographers living in Hong Kong.
  • Vetted interpreters with extensive deposition experience.
  • No Travel Fees.
  • On-the-ground assistance to handle exhibit printing, shredding, and other administrative needs.
  • 24/7 support.

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Conference Rooms

Most U.S.-based attorneys prefer the convenience of conducting depositions at a conference room in their hotel in Hong Kong. For those that prefer an alternative, we are pleased to offer the following conference room locations:


21F Pico Tower
66 Gloucester Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3018 4997


20/F 100 QRC
One International Finance Centre
Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 3018 4997

Resources and Services

Deposition Checklist

Though China does not permit depositions, you may take them in nearby Hong Kong. Our deposition checklist provides an easy walk-through for you.

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Planet Depos offers cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription, and related services for arbitrations in China and throughout Asia.

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Conference Rooms

We offer modern deposition and arbitration suites around the world that include convenient conferencing equipment and local staff.

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Travel Tips

Make sure you know these travel tips before you plan your trip to China.

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