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The latest news from the Planet Depos team covering court reporting, international depositions, travel tips, legal news, and much more.

Checklist for Depositions in Japan (Updated)

There are important factors to consider when scheduling international depositions, particularly when scheduling depositions in Japan.  The first thing to know about taking a deposition in Japan is that there are only two locations where a deposition may be legally...

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8 Tips for Taking Depositions in Europe with Ease

Taking a deposition abroad requires a little extra patience, time and, sometimes, creativity to coordinate. We put together these tips for your depositions in Europe to make the process less daunting, more manageable, and your trip to Europe more enjoyable!

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18 Deposition Tips from Court Reporters

There is a lot that goes into taking a deposition, and a lot that goes into making the record. Our court reporters put together a list of tips for attorneys and paralegals to making a clear and useful deposition record for use in court and/or impeachment purposes.

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A Recap of the NCRA Legislative Boot Camp 2018

Guest Post by Rebecca Stonestreet, President-elect of the Maryland Court Reporters Association What a great Legislative Boot Camp 2018!  Following a somewhat different format this time (so I understand, as this was my first time) boot camp involved both prepping for...

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Selling Rough Drafts: 7 Tips to Increase Your Bottom Line

As most court reporters are well aware, selling value-added services is an effective way to increase your bottom line.  But are you selling a service that actually has value?  Is your rough draft actually worth paying for? Seeing rough draft transcripts every day, I...

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Rush Hour: Scheduling a Deposition Around Traffic

Timing is everything, especially during rush hour, and particularly when you’re scheduling a deposition. All it takes is a one-minute change in departure, and it can significantly impact your commute. Have you considered how traffic jams can affect your depositions,...

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8 Exciting Things To Do During Your Deposition In Japan

If your depositions take you to Japan, and you already reviewed your deposition checklist for Japan, do not miss the sights of this beautiful nation. Whether your depositions will be at the Consulate in Osaka or the Embassy in Tokyo, you’ll find sensational eating, shopping, and sightseeing awaiting.

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What’s So Great About a Realtime Feed?

So, what's so great about realtime court reporting?  A beneficial tool for attorneys, realtime allows counsel to view the proceedings in realtime.  Realtime reporting is the instant conversion of the reporter’s stenotype (shorthand) into plain English. As quickly as...

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Depositions in London: No Lollygagging

London is a city famed for many things, deservedly so: Big Ben, the Queen, policemen in funny hats, double-decker buses, the Abbey (Westminster or Downton), to name but a few of hundreds. One tidbit about London that requires notice is that scheduling last-minute...

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