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About Jennifer King

Account Executive

Wife, Autism Mom, Client Advocate Hero, Small Town Gal

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My Story

Born in Richmond, VA, I was raised in the state’s Northern Neck area within the small town of Tappahannock. Now with more than 20 years of account management experience, I can honestly say that my traditional, tight-knit community upbringing continues to shape my client relationships today. Forging and maintaining lasting relationships with my clients is part of my personal promise. Open communication and a personalized approach to meeting my clients’ needs has helped me excel within the legal industry and turned many customers and colleagues into friends throughout the years. Committed to client satisfaction, I am eternally grateful for any opportunity that allows me to be part of Planet Depos’ client success.

Prior to joining the wonderful team at Planet Depos, I spent over a decade in the legal industry working for top law firms within the U.S.  I started my career in communications, but quickly realized that I enjoyed the excitement and intricacies of courtroom dynamics. I entered the industry planning to become a Court Reporter and attended courses at Prince Court Reporting School. When my son, now a teenager, was diagnosed with Autism at age 2, I transitioned to a career path that would allow me to better balance family and professional life. Since then, I’ve never looked back. Matching customers with the services they need when they need them allows me to make a positive impact in an industry that I love

Today, my husband and I have three beautiful children, a son and two daughters.  My son is thriving and dreams of becoming an animator when he grows up.  My daughters both love animals and video games. They also like music and have a passion for singing. We share our home with two dogs, a 150-pound white German shepherd and a 14-pound Peekapoo—the best of friends. As a family, we love spending time at the beach and on other outdoor adventures like camping, hiking and visiting the zoo. Our backyard garden is a source of pride for us all—yielding crops of our favorite veggies every season.  In my free time, I enjoy painting.  And, I stay active within the Autism Association of America Central Virginia (ASACV)—an organization very close to my family’s heart.

As your Account Executive here at Plante Depos, I can’t wait to help you accomplish your goals while delivering reliable, transparent and top-notch service. 

What It Means to Work With Me


Reliable, Responsive, and Ready

Whether you need answers to a simple question, or help with a complex case, I am ready to partner with you every step of the way. When you work with me, you and your firm receive my full attention and I will put your needs first, and I will get results. I am completely committed to ensuring you receive the best service, every single time.

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