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Mobile Videoconferencing

Wherever your deposition is being held, Planet Depos can cover your deposition through the use of secure online videoconferencing platforms.

Mobile videoconferencing is quickly becoming a heavy hitting force in the legal realm. As technology and mobile connections expand around the world, mobile videoconferencing is now a simple, secure, and efficient way to bring your witnesses into the courtroom, to attend or conduct depositions, or interview prospective expert witnesses. A secure web portal enables attorneys, paralegals, experts, and adjusters to attend depositions, trials, arbitrations, and other proceedings in real time.

Mobile videoconferencing is easy to use, requiring only a mobile connection through which users receive an email containing a link, connecting them to the videoconference within seconds. Most mobile options will not sacrifice picture quality, features, or convenience. Additionally, it allows users universal connectivity, with connections through PC, iPads, videoconference units, and smartphones.


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The Pros to a Mobile Videoconference

  • A mobile videoconference is more versatile than traditional videoconferencing. You can join a mobile VC from your home or office – anywhere with a stable internet connection.
  • It offers additional features that traditional videoconferencing cannot, such as chat, screen sharing, and user controls.
  • People attending by phone-only can dial directly into the mobile videoconference and hear all sides clearly.
  • Pricing is consistent and affordable.

The Cons to a Mobile Videoconference

  • Generally, the quality on traditional videoconferencing will be higher than a mobile option. Though this is not always true, if you absolutely must have picture perfect quality, a traditional videoconference may be the better option.
  • Mobile VCs are completely dependent on a solid internet connection. If an internet connection is not available, you will be better off with a traditional videoconference at a dedicated site.

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