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Ann Marie, Wow.  Less than a week after you sent me an email telling me about your employment with Planet Depos, we hired Planet Depos, whom I had never heard of.  The videographer and the court reporter just left, and we could not be more impressed, satisfied, and overjoyed at what a great job they did.  First of all, they totally accommodated us on short notice.  Beyond that they did an awesome job in recording the deposition, which I thought would have lasted an hour but lasted more than three hours.  Thank you for reaching out to me. I am a happy new customer and will recommend Planet Depos to anyone who needs a highly professional team for their video or regular depositions.

Matt C., Partner, Roberts & Caruso

“I realized that I had not scheduled a court reporter for a deposition scheduled yesterday. I called your organization and scheduling was able to get a court reporter so the depo could proceed as planned. Thank you. I am very appreciative for the prompt response.”

Debra T. Paralegal at Meyers, Rodbell & Rosenbaum P.A.

David, you were a significant member of our trial team. Not just for your tech skills. You delivered on that (maybe learned some stuff along the way) but your unflappable never say no attitude is what I value and valued most. This was as high a stakes trial as I will ever handle, with a lot of complicated stuff and a lot of pressure. Never having to worry about your piece and having you there is court each day provided more comfort than I think you appreciated. I will always demand that I get you for any other trial and recommend you highly to anyone who asks.

Principal, Miles & Stockbridge


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