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Using Video to Win

Visuals are powerful. They communicate so much even on their own. Planet Depos’ expert videographers can document on film the severity of a claimant’s injuries, or the extent of property damage, for example, with no detail missed. This documentation can be its own compelling testimony in your case. 

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Using Video Win

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Site Inspections

Site inspections are an effective way to record and preserve critical evidence. Recently, one of our clients needed to conduct four site inspections in Asia, with each site being no less than 50 miles apart. Given the remote locations of the sites, the Planet Depos team provided significant logistical, technical, linguistic and security arrangements, including travel, which needed to be coordinated with counsel’s travel schedule as well as the operating hours of each plant. Planet Depos seamlessly handled the air transportation and hotel accommodations and also arranged for a large passenger van to transport the entire legal team from site to site. The local interpreter, arranged by Planet Depos, provided invaluable assistance liaising with the hotels in the remote areas, where English-speaking representatives were simply not available. The entire Planet Depos team worked together to ensure everything went smoothly and the plant operations were effectively captured. Additionally, our experienced team will provide you with our detailed checklist to make sure no details is overlooked.

Day-In-The-Life Documentary

There is no better way to capture the effects of an injury on everyday life than with video.   Our experienced videographers bring the proper lighting, battery backup, tripods and other equipment to ensure we expertly capture every aspect of your client’s injury.  We skillfully create a documentary which tells a compelling story.

Video Settlement Documentary

Winning a favorable early settlement is a win-win for you and your client.  Count on the talented Planet Depos team to create a credible video that weaves together  day-in-the-life video excerpts, interviews of family members and experts, graphics and recreations into a persuasive settlement documentary.

Pre/Post Construction Documentation

With the use of high definition cameras and portable battery packs, our expert videographers stand ready to photograph or videotape document construction sites, preserving site conditions to protect stakeholders from property claims. For your convenience, we deliver a chaptered DVD for easy navigation.

Accident Reconstruction

When accidents occur, call upon the experienced professionals at Planet Depos to reconstruct and document the series of events leading to the accident.

Insurance Claim Site Documentation

When floods, fires or other natural disasters occur, it is critical to document the conditions with an accurate video record of the damages, cleanup, repairs and improvements.

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