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Court Reporting In London

Whether your deposition is held in the City of London, or the Greater London Area, Planet Depos has qualified court reporters and videographers available to cover all of your proceeding needs. 

Welcome to Planet Depos, where finding a qualified court reporter in London has never been easier. Our experienced and professional London court reporters provide the highest quality transcripts in every area of law, including intellectual property, pharmaceutical, environmental, construction, medical malpractice, labor and employment, securities and commercial litigation. Our court reporters hold state and national licenses including CSR, RPR, RMR, RDR, CLR, CRR and CMRS.

All of our deposition suites are outfitted with video conference equipment. With local legal videographers, Planet Depos makes videoconferencing in London easy. Our conference locations are fully stocked with office supplies, refreshments, wireless internet and copy/fax machines.

Travel Highlights From London

  • London is a huge metropolis with plenty of space to choose from as far as deposition locations. Law firms, hotels, and business centers abound, so you will have no issues picking a spot for your depo. Court reporters book very far in advance, however, so it is advisable to not wait until the last minute to schedule a reporter for a deposition!
  • London is a city full of iconic landmarks perfect for photo ops: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace! Snag a selfie with any of those landmarks in the background and you’ll be a sensation on Instagram. Or join the myriad of amateur photographers with an artsy shot of any of the above, or the London Eye. Better yet, just enjoy being there seeing and touring these landmarks in person!
  • Be a Brit for a day! Queue up to watch the Changing of the Guard, a not-quite-daily occurrence and perhaps old hat to real Brits, but a nice little thrill for tourists. The spectacle takes about 45 minutes and is very popular, so arrive early enough to secure a good viewing spot, and enjoy the pageantry of this magnificent tradition! After the ceremony, perhaps indulge in an afternoon tea, channeling your inner Oscar Wilde to enjoy witty conversation with your tea, jam, and scones.
  • Do you like to shop? Oxford Street is for you! This is Europe’s busiest shopping street, which is probably why it is also London’s highest crime shopping area, so mind your pockets!


2023 International Deposition Guide

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Deposition Checklist

Depositions may be taken in London, but before you plan your deposition make sure to review our checklist.

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Planet Depos offers cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription, and related services for arbitrations in London.

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Conference Rooms

Planet Depos provides modern, convenient conference rooms throughout London.

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Make sure you review our London Travel Tips before your next trip or deposition.

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