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Litigation can involve documents and audio files in any language. Planet Depos can translate these files into any other language.

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Accurate & Certified Legal Translation Services

We provide precise, accurate and certified translations in any discipline and of any type of material from English into any language and any language into English. All of our translations are completely edited and undergo our multi-step Quality Control Process. There is no subject matter too obscure or too specialized.

Our clients rely on us to translate legal contracts, patents, documents pertaining to patent infringement cases, financial documents, court transcripts, acts of law, witness statements, transcriptions, expert opinions, codes of conduct, anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, judicial transcripts and statutes, depositions, litigation materials and other official documents. We provide a range of translation options. These translations can be provided in hard copy or electronic format.

Need a Document or audio file translated?

Certified legal document translation services

Legal Document Translation

Our legal translation team provides translation services for everything from contracts, patents, and financial documents, to judicial transcripts, statutes, and litigation materials. Our certified translators are capable of handling any translation job your firm requires, from short documents that need a rush translation, to hundreds of pages of litigation materials for your next big international case. Thinking of marketing your firm internationally? Our legal translation team is experienced in translating firm marketing materials into any language in order to accommodate your target audience. Our translators can match the current format and layout of your marketing material, ensuring a seamless transition into any language you may need.

Audio Recording Translation

Our certified translators are experienced in handling a variety of audio translation requests, including legal proceedings, training materials, corporate videos, interviews, interrogations, and more. Whether you need translations for a YouTube video, multiple days of judicial proceedings, or your law firm’s latest video on intellectual property rights, our legal translators are available. Depending on the languages involved, we are able to provide customized deliverable options in order to meet your audio translation needs. Our legal translators can provide two versions of the transcript; one in the native language spoken on the audio, and a second transcript reflecting a certified translation into the desired target language. Alternatively, our legal translators are also able to provide “on-the-fly” audio translation services, directly translating and transcribing the native audio into the desired target language.
Experienced audio translation services

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