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Court Reporting in the United Arab Emirates 

Planet Depos has teams of court reporters and videographers living around the world, and we often cover depositions and other business meetings in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE does not recognize depositions as we do in the United States, but many U.S. depositions still take place there. We have many years of experience providing deposition and litigation support in the UAE.

Whether you need a court reporter or legal videographer in the UAE, we have one nearby to cover your needs. We can also provide you with modern conference rooms outfitted for your business meetings, whether small or large, with videoconferencing equipment and trained staff to handle any issue.

Conference Rooms in the UAE

United Arab Emirates is famous for its hotel industry. Dubai offers a stunning selection of world-class hotels, all capable of hosting your depositions or meetings in comfort and style. Conference rooms can be booked in one of these hotels, or an office building. Planet Depos can reserve conference rooms suitable to your needs.

Checklist for Planet Depos Concierge Services:

  • Number of rooms needed
  • Number of attendees (per room)
  • On-site contact/attorney name
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Food & Beverage
  • Additional equipment needed:
    • Projector and screen
    • Speaker phone
    • Videoconferencing
  • If reserving multiple days, would you like to keep equipment and documents locked in the conference room overnight?

2023 International Deposition Guide

Resources & Services

Deposition Checklist

Though the UAE doesn’t recognize depositions as we do in the U.S., many still occur. Follow our deposition checklist for straightforward UAE depositions.

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Planet Depos offers cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription, and related services for arbitrations in the UAE.

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Conference Rooms

Planet Depos provides conference rooms for depositions, arbitrations, and meetings all around the world.

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Travel Tips

Before you plan your trip to the UAE, make sure you take a look through our Travel Tips.

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