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Depositions in Denmark

Denmark is a party to The Hague Evidence Convention; however, at the current time, depositions are not allowed to be taken in Denmark without prior authorization from the Danish Ministry of Justice.  The Ministry is extremely reluctant to grant such permission.  For specific information, we refer you to the U.S. State Department for Judicial Assistance.

As an alternative, depositions of voluntary Danish witnesses can be taken in nearby Netherlands in much the same way as a deposition is taken in the U.S.   Planet Depos covers depositions in the Netherlands frequently and would be delighted to assist you with the coverage of your depositions there or elsewhere throughout Europe.


2023 International Deposition Guide

Resources and Services

Depositions in the Netherlands

Depositions in Denmark are often not allowed. Try nearby in the Netherlands.

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Planet Depos offers cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription, and related services for arbitrations in Denmark.

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Conference Rooms

Planet Depos provides modern conference rooms for arbitrations and other meetings throughout Denmark.

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Travel Tips

Due to the difficulties in attaining approval for depositions in Denmark, we suggest you travel to the Netherlands.

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