Planet Depos draws from its comprehensive database of skilled, professional court reporters for its legal transcription work throughout the US.  After all, just because the transcription of the record is completed at some point after the proceeding doesn’t mean that it can be any less accurate, nor does it make the skills and knowledge of the “transcriptionist” any less vital.

Certified court reporters are highly skilled professionals who are well versed in legal, medical and industry-related terminology gained through years of exposure to civil matters in depositions, trials, and hearings.  Legal transcription services are also subject to the same Planet Depos quality review process as our general court reporting transcripts.  Your transcription needs are met with the same high standards of accuracy, expediency, and responsiveness.

Planet Depos ensures high-quality transcription services from all types of media, analog or digital, including VOB, MPEG, WMV, Flash, FTR Gold, audiocassette, VHS tape, CD, DVD or web link.  Our transcription coordinators provide you with an estimate and offer assistance in handling and transmitting various file formats.





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