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Remote Arbitration
Has Never Been Easier

The only thing you should be focused on is your case. With Planet Depos remote arbitration, you don’t need to worry about the technology.

What You Can Expect

The court reporting industry has seen massive advances in technology, empowering a more efficient and streamlined arbitration process. With a Planet Depos partnership, you can expect the best virtual experience.

Super Performance

With Zoom as a backbone, our online mediations are delivered in HD with crystal-clear audio.

Enterprise Security

All meetings are fully secured and encrypted, with PD Technicians making certain all security best practices are followed.

Breakout Rooms

Private virtual rooms to meet with your side or the arbitrator, no need to leave the conference. 

Trained Technicians

PD Technicians are fully versed in Zoom security and practices, making your arbitration a breeze.

Multiple Connections

Up to 500 participants can connect via computers, tablets, and smartphones, from anywhere around the world.

Best Experience

You can expect a secure, stable, and seamless experience with everything in one place, available 24/7/365.

Remote Arbitration Feature Highlights

From breakout rooms to industry-leading security and highly trained technicians, you can expect your virtual arbitration to run as smoothly as your traditional in-person arbitration.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms can split your meeting into as many as 50 private sessions, allowing the arbitrator to meet with each side privately and securely, just like a separate room would in-person.

In our private breakout rooms, only the PD Technician hosting the conference has the ability to move participants, ensuring your privacy. Participants may be pre-assigned to rooms for quick breakouts, and the host can broadcast a message to all rooms when it’s time to return. The PD Technician can also move the arbitrator between rooms as necessary.

Industry-Leading Security

Security is a top concern with all remote proceedings. Planet Depos’ preferred videoconferencing platform Zoom provides enhanced security for all meetings conducted with their software. Security features include:

• Each meeting is encrypted with AES 256-bit algorithms
• Each meeting is password-protected
• Each meeting has a unique link and ID for attendees
• Meetings are NOT listed publicly
• Waiting room feature is enabled to allow only approved attendees access
• Meeting is locked once all attendees are present


Trained Technician

When you schedule your remote arbitration with Planet Depos, we recommend scheduling one of our trained technicians to host the mediation. Your technician ensures a smooth remote arbitration process through:

• Serving as a neutral party in charge of breakout rooms
• Assigning parties to breakout rooms
• Directly controlling who has access to rooms – no one can enter any room other than their assigned room and the main channel without the technician moving them

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions and we have answers. Our Litigation Technology Technicians have run thousands of remote depositions through mobile videoconference platforms, and they’ve seen it all. Here are a few of the most common questions that we receive.

Who controls the videoconference itself?

With a PD Technician, we will control all aspects of the videoconference. This means we can control who can be seen and heard (ensuring additional viewers are muted during the proceeding), and when the videoconference is ended.

If we use a videoconference, can we connect via phone?

Yes. In fact, we recommend connecting via a phone to ensure the clearest audio. Once you enter the Zoom videoconference, you may choose to connect by phone.

Is your remote deposition software secure?

Yes. We use Zoom, a standard videoconference platform across multiple industries. It is encrypted at 256-bit AES, and is FedRAMP (Moderate) and SOC2 rated. You can learn more about Zoom Security on its website.

Can the arbitrator control the breakout rooms?

We require that a neutral party manage the breakout rooms. It can be the arbitrator, though we recommend it be the PD Technician. We do require a Technician on mediation calls.

Are breakout rooms recorded?

No. Only what the host sees is recorded, and our hosts don’t join breakout rooms. Also, we don’t record arbitrations unless it is specifically requested.

Can anyone else get into my breakout room?

No. Breakout rooms are controlled by the host, and only the host has the ability to assign participants to rooms. As a participant, you will only be able to move back into the main room (rather than between private rooms).

Try A Remote Arbitration Today!

Your remote arbitration should be simple, and with Planet Depos yours will be. Schedule today and we’ll get you set up with a Zoom room, a PD Technician, and everything you need to get started. 


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