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Conference Rooms

Planet Depos will make arrangements for your depositions, arbitrations, mediations or meetings anywhere on the Planet. Internet, food and beverage service are also available.

Modern Deposition Suites

Our conference rooms are available for your deposition needs, providing you with private and professional settings for your depositions. Our deposition suites are outfitted with modern capabilities, such as TVs, projectors, teleconferencing equipment, wireless internet, and videoconferencing equipment to allow for remote attendance if necessary. Our hosts will always be consummate professionals and can help get things going on the right foot from the moment you arrive. The host can assist you with any technical troubleshooting you might encounter, such as issues with your mobile videoconferencing or just the need for a phone charger. We can arrange for a deposition conference room both nationally, and internationally, depending on your needs.

We are constantly striving to improve ourselves at Planet Depos, and often request feedback from our clients to better understand their conference room needs. To learn more about what makes our deposition suites awesome, check out our blog series on our Rockville, MD deposition suites, Greenbelt, MD conference rooms, and our Washington, D.C. meeting rooms.

Meeting Rooms

Our conference rooms are available for any type of meeting, not just depositions. Do you need a location for your organization’s upcoming small or large meeting? Do you need to meet with a client in a city where your firm does not have an office? Our suites are available to meet your needs with the same level of capabilities and service our legal clients have come to expect from us. Whether your group has two people, or twenty, we have a conference room that can fit your requirements.



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