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Court Reporting in San Antonio, TX

Welcome to the full court reporting experience with Planet Depos. We make it easy to find qualified court reporters and legal videographers in San Antonio, and beyond.
Our team of experienced and professional court reporters, videographers, and interpreters deliver high-quality transcripts in every area of law. We are especially well-versed in legal matters regarding intellectual property, insurance, securities, and commercial litigation.

With modern conference rooms around the world stocked with the latest in deposition technology (and snacks!), we can cover your deposition whether it’s local to San Antonio, or has parties around the Planet.

Video Depositions in San Antonio

Depositions have changed. No longer does a deposition need to just be recorded by a court reporter on a stenotype machine. Video depositions allow you to capture your deponent’s reaction in real-time as you show them exhibits or ask them questions. Our Certified Legal Video Specialists are trained in the latest video deposition technology, have modern hardware capable of ensuring crisp audio and video, and are trained in monitoring and adjusting as necessary throughout the deposition.

In addition to video depositions, videoconferencing is a great way to hold meetings amongst your various offices, conducting training seminars, or even interviewing prospective employees. We have experienced coordinators that will make all the arrangements for you, and we can provide you with full, split, or dual screens along with streaming audio, video, and text.

Things To Do In San Antonio Between Depositions

The River Walk! Nicknamed America’s Venice, the River Walk is a must-see. Not only does this 15-mile waterway offer beautiful views, but it is conveniently lined with restaurants, shopping, and entertainments galore. San Antonio packs a lot of fun all along the River Walk, with breweries, an open-air theatre offering shows ranging from dance to folk music to opera, spas, more restaurants, and festivals year-round. Cruises are available down the river, too!

Remember the Alamo! It’s history, it’s a great photo op, it’s a cool thing to check off your list of “must-sees” you have seen. Originally a mission (Mission San Antonio de Valero), the Alamo has had a series of uses, including fortress, garrison, warehouse, and even grocery store! Now a museum, the Alamo draws visitors from all over, and is a real treasure.

As one would expect of any Texas city, San Antonio is warm and friendly. Temperatures rarely go below 40, even in the coldest month (January), and soar to the 90s in August. San Antonio has been ranked among the U.S.’ friendliest cities, so in addition to good food and plenty to do, you’re in for some sensational hospitality.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Haven’t worked with them I. Awhile. I would recommend checking their terms regarding payment, originals, copies, margins, pdf files and any and all rights to payment and turnaround times for transcripts.
Planet Depos has been a tremendous help the past few years, saving me many headaches trying to find a good reporter out of state! It used to be so hard...... now I just email them! 🙂
Planet Depos is one of my favourite vendors to work with. They are committed to customer satisfaction and their customer service is above reproach.

If you're looking for reliable service and an account specialist who will go above and beyond, do yourself a favour and contact Matt Workman, Senior Account Executive.
Always excellent service and product. Highly recommended.
Planet Depos is one of the most convenient, dependable and professional place to take care of your deposition or other legal needs. Top notch staff and facilities.
I highly recommend Planet Depos. Lisa DiMonte and her team are fabulous and extremely responsive to complex and or last minute needs. They are extremely tech savvy and are literally anywhere in the world where you might need deposition or litigation support services. They are indeed the "go to" firm no matter what your budget may be.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Planet Depos. They ALWAYS go above and beyond to keep us happy and make our lives easier. Matt Workman is our Rep and he is AWESOME! And Maddie Freeburg is a true angel. They are helpful, professional, friendly and efficient. I always recommend them to coworkers and colleagues.
The best in the business. I don't rely on anyone else, and I have never been disappointed. Not once.
Planet Depos has been very helpful to me in my family law practice. The only complaint that I have is the parking situation in their Vienna location. Otherwise, they have been responsive, prompt, and professional.
Planted Depos goes extra mile in their commitment to the community. They support New York City Paralegal Association and provide an outstanding service.
I have known the DiMonte Family for decades. Lisa's sons have done a terrific job in carrying on their mother's legacy of meticulous detail, responsive customer service and stress-free litigation support.
You are the best! You always have my back! I don't want to work with any other company! You are very accommodating and I appreciate that. I always recommend you to other firms and it makes my life easier when they use you. Thank you so much!
What? No option for 6 stars? You guys have taken great service to a whole new level. I've been practicing a good while, and you really do make my litigation practice more streamline. You make setting up depositions, and every aspect of the process, so much easier than before. That's why I always go to you when possible. Thanks a million.
You guys rock! and you've ALWAYS got me covered! I am so spoiled by Planet Depos that I doubt I could ever work with another firm. In my many years of working at law firms, no one has ever come close to your service, I so appreciate you guys! Mari Lyles
Planet Depos is one of those companies that does not believe in saying "no" to their customers. Even if our requests are last minute and require immediate attention. I have never had a negative experience and each and every representative is extremely polite, friendly and responsive. Lisa and her team provide quality services and we look forward to working with them each and every time.
We have used Planet Depos for several cases now and have been very pleased with the service. It's literally one-stop shopping for deposition needs - everything from the court reporter to the room itself. Highly recommend Planet Depos.
Planet Depos truly goes above and beyond to provide great customer service for their clients!
Awesome company! Love the customer service and JJ is fabulous!!!!

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