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Often during an important video deposition, someone who needs to view the deposition in realtime cannot be present at the deposition. This could be you, your co-counsel or your client. The best solution in this scenario is video streaming.

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What Is Video Streaming?

Video streaming is a one-way, secure, live video feed of a deposition taking place in real time.  It is often used in conjunction with Text Streaming but can provide additional information that the text alone cannot such as the witness’s intonation, body language, and facial expressions.  The person receiving the video stream would receive a link the day prior to the deposition and run a test to make sure their system is capable of connecting to the stream.  During the deposition, they would be able to see and hear everything that is happening for the entirety of the time spent on the record.  Video Streaming is a one-way stream without interaction from the receiving party.  If the audio and video was a two-way connection, it would be classified as a Mobile Videoconference.

What Are The Advantages of Video Streaming?

By having your co-counsel or client monitor the deposition live and in real time, you can confer with them during breaks to decide on how you want to proceed once back on the record.  For a high-stakes witness, this can be the difference that makes or breaks your entire case.

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