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Court Reporting & Depositions in Osaka

Welcome to Planet Depos, where finding a qualified court reporter in Osaka has never been easier. We have local experienced and professional Osaka court reporters providing the highest quality transcripts in every area of law, including intellectual property, pharmaceutical, environmental, construction, medical malpractice, labor and employment, securities and commercial litigation. Our local, highly skilled court reporters have decades of experience making the record under the auspices of various international bodies and rules.

All of our conference suites are outfitted with video conference equipment. With local videographers, Planet Depos makes your meeting or event videoconferencing in Osaka easy. Our conference locations are fully stocked with office supplies, refreshments, wireless internet and copy/fax machines.

Planet Depos is the only company with U.S.-trained court reporters, videographers and support staff living throughout Asia. Due to this, you may enjoy:

  • Access to backup equipment in case of failure
  • No travel expenses, based on availability
  • Local printing and delivery of hard copy transcripts and exhibits
  • Local bilingual liaisons to handle logistical needs
  • 24/7 back office and technology support
  • Knowledge of local terminology, customs and practices
  • Advice on State Department and visa assistance

In Japan, specifically, we also offer the only court reporting services with staff who are residents of Japan, eliminating the need to obtain the required deposition visas.

Cultural & Travel Highlights from Osaka

  • Springtime in Osaka is a delight, particularly with the Sakura, which typically reach full bloom in the very early days of April, enthralling admirers with their delicacy. To behold thousands in full bloom together is breathtaking, and hanami parties pop up under the trees for groups to view the pink splendor together. Over 4,000 cherry trees are planted on the grounds of…
  • Osaka Castle – a must-see for any visitor to Osaka.  Though originally built in the last years of the 16th century, the structure was destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again in the 17th. The currently standing castle was constructed in 1931, miraculously survived WWII, and was considerably repaired and beautified in 1997. The grounds are as spectacular as the castle itself, with wide green lawns, a tea house, a shrine, and of course, the cherry trees.
  • Japan has some really unique holidays during which travel prices soar astronomically. Golden Week (usually the last week of April through the first week of May) and Silver Week (in early autumn) are two such expensive holiday seasons.
  • Japan also has some unique, exciting dishes, though some do require an adventurous spirit to sink your teeth into! For example, the timid might not enjoy Kaiseki, a style of cooking using small bits of food from a never-ending assortment of sources, and you never really know what you’re eating.
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2023 International Deposition Guide

More on taking a deposition in Osaka

Depositions in Osaka can only be taken at the U.S. Consulate, and that reservation must be made through the U.S. Consulate according to their detailed timetable. Osaka offers many conference rooms for meetings outside of your deposition, and Planet Depos can reserve one for you at a hotel or office, should you require such assistance.

Osaka’s many hotels are equipped to comfortably host your team for preparation meetings and the like. Planet Depos can reserve a conference room suitable to the number in your party, and the local reporter and videographer can step in to assist at any time to ensure your needs are being met. From catering needs to last-minute changes to the schedule or room requirements, your on-the-ground reporting team will make sure things go smoothly with the conference room. There are several hotels near the Consulate from which to make your selection.

Resources & Services

Deposition Checklist

Depositions in Japan are controlled by detailed agreements between the United States and Japanese governments. Follow our Japan Deposition Checklist for more.

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Planet Depos offers cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription and related services for arbitrations in Japan.

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Conference Rooms

Japan has recently become more deposition-friendly due to our local staff’s assistance and increased availability of conference rooms.

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Travel Tips

To enter Japan from the United States for depositions, you must apply for a special Deposition Visa. Learn more travel tips for Japan.

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