Planet Depos offers cost-effective and reliable realtime, transcription and related services for arbitrations around the world. Our teams of stenographers, editors and IT specialists are strategically located throughout Asia and Europe to meet your needs.


  • Utilising the latest technology for wireless realtime setup
  • Realtime delivery to local and remote attendees
  • Utilising experienced editors to produce final transcripts less than 3 hours after adjournment
  • Delivering realtime at 99% accuracy or better – even in highly technical or complex matters
  • Accustomed to international arbitrations and knowledgeable of local language nuances


  • Never miss a proceeding – regardless of your location
  • View live feed on tablets, iPads and laptops
  • Securely chat with colleagues locally and remotely
  • Quick and easy setup – on our devices or yours
  • Pause, review and resume the live session
  • Flag key testimony
  • Accelerate the creation of daily summaries


Planet Depos takes care of every detail allowing you to focus on the important legal issues of the case.

  • Document management, preparation and presentation that is customised to your case
Setup for International Arbitrations
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