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Checklist for U.S. Depositions in Colombia

Colombia is a party to The Hague Evidence Convention, and does permit the taking of voluntary depositions, regardless of the nationality of the witness. The requirements for taking U.S. depositions in Colombia are straightforward and easy to follow using the Planet Depos Checklist specific to Colombia depositions.


  • Allowing enough time (roughly between 4-6 weeks is ideal) for scheduling depositions overseas is extremely important because of the logistics associated with the scheduling and planning processes; however, Planet Depos is accustomed to handling last-minute coverage.
  • Counsel will determine whether their witness is willing to be deposed. If so, both parties can stipulate and begin the process of setting up the deposition.
  • If the witness is unwilling to be deposed and must be compelled to testify, a letter rogatory is required. For more information regarding service of process, including steps for a letter rogatory, visit the International Judicial Assistance Website for the Bureau of Consular Affairs.
  • Select the deposition services needed:
    • U.S.-trained court reporter
    • U.S.-trained legal videographer
    • Any language interpreter
  • What is the location of the deposition in Colombia?
    • Do you need Planet Depos to reserve a conference room for you?
  • If not participating in person, do you require videoconferencing services? (If not, please skip to the next item on the checklist).
    • Do you need a location in Colombia?
    • Will you need a location in the United States?
    • Can you attend from your firm’s videoconference suite?
    • Ask about Planet Depos’ Mobile Videoconferencing capabilities!
    • Document Production
      • Do you need assistance with exhibit printing?
  • Select your deposition date
    • Start time
    • End time
  • Visa Restrictions: There is no visa required for travel to Colombia for U.S. Citizens.
  • Make travel arrangements
    • Contact Planet Depos for information about corporate discounts with our partner hotels
    • Flight
    • Car rental
    • Lodging
  • Send a protective order to Planet Depos for representatives to sign (if applicable)
  • Have you filled out the Planet Depos Standing Order Form? It’s an easy process that takes less than 60 seconds and will let us know:
    • Transcript turnaround time (regular or expedited)
    • Who should receive the rough ASCII and final transcript
    • The number of realtime laptops that are needed
    • Preferred video format (DVD, MPEG1, Loaded DVD, Synchronized Viewer)
  • Send out Notice of Deposition to all counsel, your witness, and Planet Depos
  • Send prep materials to Planet Depos for reporter’s deposition preparation:
    • Notice of deposition
    • Complaint
    • Subpoena
    • Previous transcript(s)
    • Word index
  • Obtain emergency contact information for Planet Depos representatives
  • Provide emergency contact information for counsel
  • Travel safely to Colombia and contact Planet Depos with any questions once you’ve arrived!

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