Planet Depos provides worldwide court reporting and legal videography services.

Planet Depos is a global court reporting company led by world-renowned industry experts. We provide best-in-class court reporting, interpretation and trial services throughout the United States and abroad to U.S. and international law firms, worldwide corporations, and government entities. We have extensive experience reporting complex matters around the globe, including arbitrations, trials and depositions. Planet Depos is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has more than 50 offices worldwide.


Court Reporting: Highly skilled, tech-savvy professionals providing world-class court reporting and subject-matter expertise. In addition to instant rough drafts, we provide same-day, next-day, expedited and regular delivery.

Realtime: Onsite or via the Internet, supporting all realtime viewing applications on all devices.

Streaming: Seamless text, audio and video streaming with instant messaging, without the need to purchase or learn new software. LiveNote streaming is also available.

U.S. Arbitrations: Realtime reporters and related services throughout the U.S.

International Arbitrations: Realtime stenographers, editors and IT specialists strategically located around the planet.

Judicial Services:  Realtime stenographers in various jurisdictions including the Hong Kong High Court and Singapore Supreme Court, as well as tribunal and regulatory hearings.

Videography: Digital equipment with lavalier microphones, audio mixer, backdrop, and simultaneous backup.

Mobile Videoconferencing: A simple, secure and efficient way to bring your witness into the courtroom, to attend or conduct a deposition, interview prospective expert witnesses or to enable attorneys, paralegals, experts and adjusters to attend depositions, trials, arbitrations and other proceedings in real time, all through our secure web portal.

Interactive Media Display: Multi-media integration of video clips, security videos, MRIs, and digital documents directly into video record.

Interpreters: Pre-qualified interpreters with subject-matter expertise.

Shredding: Confidential documents shredded with certificate of shredding provided.

Trial Services: Personal adaptive approach to trial technology consulting.

Digital Exhibits: Access and display exhibits from your laptop or iPad, import documents from your database to share electronically with others.

Conference Rooms: Arrangements made for depositions, arbitrations, mediations or meetings anywhere on the Planet.

Worldwide Videoconferencing: Arrangements made for your videoconference anywhere on the Planet.

Conference Call Numbers: Available 24/7.

Emergency support: Your emergency becomes our emergency. Contact us 24/7/365 for live customer service and technology support at 888.433.3767 or by emailing us here.

Planet Portal: Secure online access to view and download calendar, transcripts, exhibits, invoicing details and related case files.

Planet Share: Access to synchronized transcript and video; share, collaborate and create video clips from secure web repository.

Planet Viewer: Synchronized transcript and video on DVD and/or in MPEG, TrialDirector, Sanction, LiveNote or TV-DVD format.

Case Management: Case managers coordinate all aspects of the engagement, including scheduling, production and quality control, as well as transcript and exhibit management and archiving.

Deliverables: Transcripts and exhibits are scanned to searchable PDFs and bundled in a PDF portfolio with hyperlinked exhibits. The bundle is delivered electronically and thereafter uploaded and archived to our SSL-secure web repository. LiveNote (LEF), Summation (SBF), Sanction (MDB), TrialDirector (CMS), TextMap (XMEF), Case Notebook (PTZ) and other formats available.

Post-Production Video: Persuasive custom presentations for the Court, jury, arbitrators, mediators or claims adjusters. Media and file conversion, duplication, linear and nonlinear editing and audio enhancement.

Transcription Services: U.S.-based transcription services from all types of media.

Online scheduling: User-friendly portal to schedule and attach a deposition notice.