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Why Use an International Court Reporting Agency?

international court reporting and deposition services

Time, money, and local knowledge. And, you’re exhausted. You have no time for hassles touch-down to depo.

Before your plane taxis down the runway, you’ve figured out the Wi-Fi and surveyed a taxed schedule that hardly lets you put down your carryon at the hotel. There are bound to be frustrations in international legal proceedings, so eliminate the unnecessary ones by having an on-the-ground ally.

International depositions are especially stressful. They navigate foreign holiday schedules, foreign requirements, time zones, and travel complications. The right international agency can source local court reporters, legal assistants, and venues in addition to navigating foreign bureaucracy. A top-tier international court reporting agency is an insider on your side.

4 Benefits of an International Court Reporting Agency for Foreign Depositions


A tired, jet-lagged legal team is costly, adds complicated travel, and relies on a staff who lacks area knowledge. Limit the number of people you bring to essential team members, like attorneys or key legal experts. Working with an international agency ensures that court reporters, videographers, and legal support staff are experienced and acclimated to the travel area and the work involved.

Local talent can bring 100% to the table—or steno machine. Even if a reporter from London has to travel to cover a Frankfurt deposition, travel is more assured and less expensive than flying a court reporter from overseas. Local workers also avoid the extra fatigue and disorientation stemming from long travel times and unfamiliar hotel-stays.


Attorneys are paid by the hour because most of those hours are impacted. Focus invaluable time by outsourcing the littler things. Your specialization and hours are limited resources. Do not waste them. There are credentialed professionals and established agencies that can help assure your deposition.

Local professionals take tedious tasks like printing, copying, shredding, or shipping of exhibits off your hands. They can arrange for the reservation and logistics for the deposition and related meetings. Arrangements for catering, recording, translators, and other room set-up can be arranged ahead of time with your legal assistant. And, last minute checks and changes can be handled same-day, in person.

Domestic deposition and legal support allows vetted legal assistants, reporters, and videographers to clear your docket so you can focus on the deposition itself. You can review daily proceedings nightly, informing your ongoing legal proceedings. The court reporter provides a daily rough draft at the end of each day as well as optional realtime streaming to all counsel, by request. 

international meetings and court reporting agencies


Countries that have extra deposition requirements can mean complex filings and procedures. An international agency helps ensure local scheduling, filings, and seamless deposition taking. Last minute changes or unexpected requirements can be handled on-time and by known agencies or in-person.

Domestic advantage can be a literal time and money saver. France and Japan are great examples.

Working with an established agency in Japan goes a long way to simplify scheduling Japanese depositions. If the reporter and videographer are Japanese residents they won’t need a deposition visa, which is repudiated as highly difficult.

In France, Embassy instructions and requirements are notoriously wordy. The advantage of someone familiar with the requirements cuts through the tangles and dead ends of complicated red tape. 


A local team is a great resource for visiting lawyers. In addition to providing local legal services, locals can help with travel suggestions and creature comforts. They provide insight into local features like “Where do I get the best coffee while I’m here in Helsinki?”, “Is there a good place near the deposition site for a business lunch?” or “What is a must-eat-at restaurant in Seoul?”

Locals can also help familiarize you with transit options and customs. While taking a cab may seem the most efficient option, in places like New York or Seoul street travel may take more time than trains or subways. Locals can advise on travel time considering rush hours or realistic distances between hotels and venues. Local customs can also be explained or assisted by someone more familiar with local cultulre. 

international court reporters and travel

What can international court reporting agency can do for you?

Once the international court reporting agency has the relevant information:

  • Schedule professional staff: reporters, videographers, interpreters and needed staff can be appropriately reserved.
  • Supply specialized interpreter CVs: Choose from a variety of recommended interpreters with expertise in the subject matter at hand. 
  • Arrange locations: The agency can also reserve a conference room at your preferred location or a suitable location convenient to where the witnesses and lawyers respective locations. 
  • Prepare materials and filings: The agency will coordinate with you regarding prep materials, Protective Orders, exhibits, preferred formats for delivery of the final transcripts, etc. 

The Definitive International Deposition Guide

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