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Dressing for a remote deposition or another an important meeting via Zoom should, for the most part, look exactly like what you would wear to an in-person meeting. Except for maybe some fuzzy slippers—think business on the top, party on the bottom! So what exactly should you wear? These tips will have you dressed for success and looking great in your virtual meeting.

Tip 1: Clothing

First impressions do count! While you may not be in person for the deposition, how you have yourself put together does matter. You want to look as professional as possible. You know the saying—look good, feel good, perform good. When you’re dressed well and feel confident, that will shine through.

Keep in mind how your clothes will appear on video. A business suit will always look professional, and is appropriate, but it is also important to pay attention to the colors and patterns and how they will display via webcam. Plaids and patterns will look busy and end up being distracting on video. Basic colors like grays and blues are a good choice. Whites can cause your face to appear washed out while blacks can seem harsh on video. Other items to avoid when choosing your outfit:

  • Avoid dangling, large earrings, or jewelry that moves or makes noise
  • Avoid clothing with stripes, checks, or other busy patterns
  • Avoid anything with a large visible logo or brand

Back to that “party on the bottom” comment. While your top is what will be shown, there may be that odd chance you need to stand up so people may see the entire outfit you’re wearing—so pants are definitely recommended! With that being said, stick to something comfortable: leggings, joggers, sweats, that are a solid dark color should do. The chance of anyone seeing your shoes is slim to none, so wear the cozy slippers!

Tip 2: Backgrounds

Just like your clothing, you don’t want a distracting background in your video. Your desk or office may be a mess, but you probably would not want everyone on the deposition to see that. If you have a blank wall, closet doors, or solid curtains use that as your backdrop so there’s no mess showing. A solid background helps to minimize distractions and keep the focus on the remote deposition at hand.

Background also means any background noises. Make sure that you are in a quiet room, with a door that can shut to eliminate any rambunctious kids or barking dogs that would be picked up via audio as background noise.

Tip 3: Webcam

A quick tip that can make a big difference—your camera angle. Your camera should be straight-on and eye level. You want others on the remote depo to be able to look directly at you, not a camera shot up your nose or down your forehead. Need a quick lift? Grab a stack of books and set your laptop on top of them– this is a simple fix and a no-cost solution to lift the laptop up to eye level. And I’ve got another tip for a clear video. Grab a microfiber cleaning cloth if you have one laying around (in a pinch your sleeve will do) and do a quick wipe of your webcam before you turn it on to make sure there is not dust or fingerprints smudging up the camera.

Tip 4: Lighting

While most people do not have specific photography or broadcasting lighting laying around to help with a bright and clear video, everyone has a window. Natural lighting is your friend! If you can, sit facing the window for natural light. If you don’t have a window to use play around with lamps you have at your house and see what looks best. Just remember to keep the light in front of you, if the lighting is behind you, your image will be dark.

Most importantly, remember, you want to be taken seriously and make a good impression. Whether your virtual meeting is a remote depo or another important business call, how you show up on camera is going to translate to the meeting, make sure that is confidently. Following these tips to keep in mind your outfit, background, and lighting will help you show up on camera looking your best. And we all know that if you look good, you feel good, and will do good!

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