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Court reporters do make appearances in the movies and on TV. They are portrayed as quiet, in-the-background working people in a courtroom, usually. They are, in fact, quiet, competent, in-the-background people working on a monumental task but making it look easy. Taking down every word that is said in a hearing or a deposition is no easy task! But there they are, cool as cucumbers, registering no shock or disgust at any sensational moments, no boredom during legal harangues, and paying attention the whole time and not missing a beat. This doesn’t even include all the tasks and duties court reporters accomplish “off camera,” which are many and impressive as well. These are formidable professionals, and they deserve a spotlight in real life.

Well, one of them, at least, is getting just that. Judy Justice is back for a third season, and on this show, the real-life and onscreen court reporter, gets more attention than TV court reporters usually get. Whitney Kumar, certified CA court reporter, reads back the record in real-life cases adjudicated by Judge Judy, demonstrating one of the many valuable services court reporters provide.

Whitney isn’t the only court reporter with screen credits. Harvey Keitel was a court reporter in New York for a few years before the acting bug bit him and nipped his stenography career in the bud. Michelle Pfeiffer attended court reporting school for a few months before switching to acting and becoming a star. The most famous court reporter you didn’t even know was a court reporter would have to be Charles Dickens. Before he bequeathed us Ebenezer Scrooge, Dickens was taking down the record at trials ranging from debtors’ cases to murder. His experience as a court reporter gave him a background in the legal system that proved invaluable in the writing of a novel or two!

Court reporting in and of itself is a cool, rewarding profession, even if one does not wind up on TV or writing bestselling books. Those who achieve realtime certification will find boundless opportunities. A top realtime reporter is in high demand to cover intricate cases, often involving high-profile parties (think Samsung or Ford). Travel abroad is a real possibility. Court reporters possess not just impressive technical skills but a “can do” attitude, adventurous spirit and the best poker face at the table.

Planet Depos court reporters are stars in the legal world, if not on TV. They have been covering legal proceedings all over the world for decades. To schedule a court reporter for your upcoming proceeding, contact Planet Depos at 888.433.3767 or schedule online.

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Suzanne Quinson is the Content Marketing Strategist with Planet Depos and former Production Case Manager. She lives in Beaufort, SC, with her jaunty Jack Russell Bocephus. Her free time is mostly spent beaching, reading, baking, gardening and sprucing up Banjolele Cottage, and touring the Low Country and beyond with the ever-faithful pup.


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