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By Suzanne Quinson

5 Essential Websites for International TravelPreparing for international travel can be intimidating.  This need not be, however, with proper organization and accurate information.  Read on to discover five websites with the information you need to know before booking your flight and hotel!

  1. The State Department – Here you can check on:
    1. Visa Requirements
    2. Passport requirements
    3. Travel Alerts and Warnings
    4. Useful information about your destination, i.e., safety considerations, cultural information, etc.
    5. Local S. Embassy information
    6. Enrollment in STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program)
  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –Information regarding:
    1. Required and/or recommended pre-travel vaccinations
    2. Eating/drinking considerations for your destination
    3. Travel health notices
  3. World Travel Guide – Useful to look up:
    1. Climate/seasonal information
    2. Touristy tips – restaurants, shopping, events and the like
  4. OANDA – Currency conversion
  5. Planet Depos – Here you can find:
    1. Court reporting, videography, interpretation services, wherever your depositions take you
    2. Useful travel information
    3. The International Deposition Guide
    4. The International Scheduling Team

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