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The holiday season is one that brings out the best in us. Even the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes when he realizes he can’t steal Christmas from Whoville! And in 2020, with the pandemic and all the suffering it brought, you can see everywhere people spreading holiday cheer through twinkling lights and smiling eyes peeping out over their masks. In the spirit of the season and to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, Planet Depos selected the American Red Cross for a holiday donation, to aid them in their vigilant work. This also provides the perfect opportunity to highlight something really, really cool they’re doing.

The American Red Cross is testing each blood, platelet, and plasma donation for COVID-19 antibodies. The test is performed free of charge to the donor. Monetary donations such as PD’s are being used to defray the cost of the testing. If you did not know, those who have recovered from COVID-19 are left with antibodies in their blood, and their convalescent plasma can be used as an effective therapeutic for patients who are actively fighting the virus. In short, the antibody test performed by the American Red Cross identifies potential plasma donors. As you might expect, they need more plasma to help treat COVID patients, as the demand is currently greater than the supply.

The American Red Cross is one of our nation’s most recognized and respected charitable organizations. Perhaps you remember, as I do, standing in one of their donation lines after 9/11. Or maybe you know someone who survived a horrific accident, in part thanks to the American Red Cross and some anonymous donors. The American Red Cross maintains our nation’s largest database of blood collection information. Each of their blood distribution centers is stocked with enough blood to support its area for up to seven days. Their delivery vehicles drive over 43 million miles each year, carrying lifesaving blood to hospitals, cancer centers, and more all over the United States. And now, on top of all of that, they’re identifying donors who can help provide lifesaving treatment to COVID-19 patients.

We have seen several examples of generosity and kindness throughout the pandemic – people buying meals for hospital staff, donations to furloughed restaurant and bar workers, drive-by birthday parties, and more. These have been bright lights in a bleak year. This holiday season, if you are looking for your own way to do a little more, consider a donation – of blood or money – to the American Red Cross. If that is not possible right now, consider spreading the word about the antibody test. Uplifting news is always welcome news!

Interested in donating blood? Visit the American Red Cross blood donation page to learn more.

Would you like to make a monetary donation? The American Red Cross makes it simple.


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