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Trial Presentation Consultants are members of Planet Depos’ highly trained and experienced technical team. They are skilled at working with law firms and their staff to develop powerful presentations for viewing by judges, juries, arbitrators, mediators, and medical review boards. For law firms big and small, a trial presentation consultant can be a lifesaver because he/she will meet with you, storyboard the presentation you have in mind, retrieve or create a digital copy of the documents, audiotapes, and videotapes, and seamlessly put together presentations that tell a powerful story and win cases.

Making presentations unforgettable is the key to winning cases. Christopher Egan wrote in “Technology in Trial – Using Technology to Persuade Four Generations” “Research shows that frequent use of technology has shaped . . .” Millennials and Generation X’ers “. . . into visual learners that prefer efficient communication styles.”

In his article, “Visual Impact: Making Your Case Evidence Shine with Legal Technology,” well-known legal technology consultant Timothy Piganelli points out that 65% of the population tend to remember things they have both heard and seen within 72 hours of both hearing and seeing it, while only 10% remember what they’ve heard in that same time period.

Christopher Egan writes how counsel now have “four different generations to consider when preparing for trial: Matures – Born 1928-1945; Baby Boomers – Born 1946-1964; Generation X – Born 1965-1980; and Millennials – Born 1981-1993.” Egan went on in his paper to indicate that:

  • “Technology can help trial attorneys communicate with all four of these generations.
  • “Technology improves the efficiency and effectiveness of courtroom presentations. The digital format alone allows attorneys to move quickly between exhibits. More importantly, trial software allows attorneys to present evidence in new ways.
  • “Exhibits can be highlighted, drawn on, magnified and compared during trial.
  • “Absent witnesses can be presented via deposition video synched with transcript text.
  • “Complicated transactions and concepts can be illustrated with graphs and charts.”

Egan discussed that “While these techniques can help attorneys communicate more effectively with all generations, these techniques are critical for Generation X and Millennials. These generations have incorporated technology into every aspect of their lives. Technology affects the way these groups learn and communicate.”

Court Technology’s Trial Presentation blog, “Anatomy of an Award-Winning Trial Exhibit” drives home how very powerful trial presentations win cases in this series.

Well-respected trial consultant Ted Brooks shared a recent experience with trial counsel utilizing technology for the first time and winning a $5.5 million verdict.

Planet Depos’ experienced trial consultants will work with you and your staff to create powerful presentations utilizing: Sanction, Trial Director, Visionary or Power Point. Our team of seasoned professionals can import your documents, digitize and synchronize your transcripts with the videos, and create video clips for effective opening statements, closing arguments, jury instructions and exhibits. Our specialists will work with your team closely to understand all of the intricacies of your case and will create engaging visual presentations that will help you convey your message in a compelling way.

Whether you need just equipment rental (laptops, projectors, large screens, an ELMO or an iPad) or the assistance of an experienced trial consultant in the courtroom from start to finish, or anything in between, you can rely on your trusted partners at Planet Depos to help you every step of the way.

Utilizing an experienced trial consultant provides law firms a distinct advantage: Someone on their team who likely has more trial experience than many of the lawyers in the case. Mark Wilson’s blog “Multimedia: An Unforgettable Trial Presentation” stresses the importance of preparation and the ability to instantly and seamlessly access and present evidence utilizing state-of-the-art trial technology.

Christopher Contois’ blog post “Ten Steps to Creating a Winning Trial Presentation” explains the intricacies of putting together winning presentations with today’s trial software presenters and will provide you with the information you will want to have in hand or in mind when meeting with Planet Depos’ Trial Presentation Consultants or preparing your own presentation.

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