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The most grueling part of taking depositions in Asia might be getting there.  It’s true that taking depositions outside of the United States involves more coordination, time, and patience, but the process can and should be painless and worry-free.  Allowing enough lead time is vital.  Partnering with a global court reporting agency is, well, just plain smart.  Depositions in Asia are much easier to coordinate with help from experienced professionals.  Read on for a few things to keep in mind when your case takes you to this amazing part of the world.

No Depositions Allowed

Mainland China does not allow depositions.  (Well, okay, ONE has been permitted, ever.)  Do not try to take a deposition in China.  What you can do, provided the witness is willing to travel, is take the deposition in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong makes taking depositions easy and straightforward.  Depositions of willing witnesses can be taken anywhere, with no prior permission required from the government.  Hong Kong is a beautiful destination and offers fabulous accommodations both for your depositions and for your stay.  It makes a delightful alternative to arrest, detainment or deportation, any of which can result from trying to take a deposition in China.

Depos Permitted, buuuut with a Few Rules

Mt. Fuji with red pagoda in autumn, Fujiyoshida, Japan

Mt. Fuji with red pagoda in autumn, Fujiyoshida, Japan

Depositions in Japan are legal, provided they are held on U.S. Embassy grounds in Tokyo or U.S. Consulate grounds in Osaka.  This requirement begets deadlines, fees, and the dreaded (but really, not difficult to obtain, with proper planning) special deposition visa.  Think of it as an opportunity to show off or improve your organization skills.  At a glance, the requirements do seem daunting.  It is just a very structured process, but with a global court reporting agency at your side, you will waltz right through it and onto the Embassy or Consulate grounds to take your depos and be out in time to enjoy this charming country and culture.

Travel that Far can be Pricey!

Another benefit to a global reporting agency?  A truly global reporting agency, that is?  They have reporters, videographers, and interpreters living around the globe.  Travel to Asia is not cheap.  Accommodations throughout Asia are not cheap.  Working with on-the-ground professionals saves a lot of expense, as it eliminates most, if not all, travel costs for the court reporting team.  While saving on cost, this resident team adds priceless value to your time in Asia, as they can offer tips on where to go, what to eat, and the like.

Take All the Depos you Please

Depos in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Guam or Saipan involve no fancy requirements, nor restrictions as to where exactly they can be taken.  Taking depos in Guam or Saipan is just like taking depos in the States, although the landscape is a trifle more tropical!  The only real quandary with depos in any of these beautiful spots is how many extra days can you stay to enjoy your exotic surroundings.  The on-the-ground team can offer advice on how to get the most out of however many extra days or even just hours you have available to explore.

Don’t Lose your Case to Misinterpretation!

Interpreters in Asia are highly sought-after professionals and book months in advance.  Do not delay in contacting the court reporting agency as soon as possible to begin your quest for a skilled and experienced interpreter!  Provide as much information as you are able in order to eliminate conflicts and procure the most capable, experienced interpreter available, versed in the subject matter of the case.  Keep in mind that once reserved, these diligent professionals like to begin preparing immediately, so give them as many useful materials as you can gather.  Particularly in Japan, with strictly enforced time constraints, the fewer interruptions during the depositions, the better.

Travel Wisely

Wherever in Asia your depos take you, you’re in for a long haul to get there.  Travel is notoriously stressful and exhausting, so prepare as thoroughly for the voyage portion of your trip as you will for the time in your destination country. Remember the time difference is extreme (most of Asia is a full 12 hours ahead of EST, for a frame of reference), so if you can sleep on a plane, DO IT.  If you can’t sleep on a plane, make the flight as relaxing as possible.   Read a good book, binge-watch your favorite series (you’ve got the time) or maybe get to know some of your new, limited-time neighbors if you (and they) are so inclined.  Lastly, stay hydrated!  Skip the booze and sip water instead.  You will feel much better upon arrival.

Planet Depos has reporters, videographers, and interpreters living throughout the Asia-Pacific region and has been covering depos in the area and beyond for well over a decade.  The expertise is apparent from the scheduling process, with no detail missed, to the consummate professionalism in the deposition room.  For questions regarding depositions anywhere in Asia or to schedule, call 888.433.3767 or complete the easy online scheduling form.

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