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The Middle East is always a hot topic. The climate is hot, the political region is tempestuous at best, and the region is home to a lot of smoky-spiced cuisine! It is also a strikingly beautiful region, steeped in history as deep as her caverns, and as tempestuous as the political scene remains to this day. As far as depositions are concerned, it’s mostly cut and dry for both the Middle East and South Asia.

Don’t Even Try It

There are only a few countries in the Middle East and South Asia where you can’t take a deposition. Iraq and Sri Lanka make it easy. No depositions are permitted. Go back to start, please.

Yes, You Can, But…

India makes it easier than she used to, but prior permission from the Indian Central Authority is still required. Luckily, the visa process for depositions in India is now a lot easier than it used to be. More on that further down.

No Problem with Depositions

Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Yemen impose no restrictions or requirements as far as depositions. Visas are another story, as is safety. We highly suggest that you check out what the State Department has to say before traveling to the region, as many of these countries are unfortunately prone to heightened alerts and warnings.


Navigating the Visa Situation

Pretty much everyone in these regions except Israel (stays of up to 90 days) and Qatar (waiver available with 6 months’ validity on your passport and onward or return ticket) require a visa for U.S. citizens. India has greatly simplified her visa process, allowing U.S. citizens to apply for the E-Visa for business purposes. The processing time is shorter and the whole procedure is bearable. Yay! Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and Saudi Arabia will issue visas upon arrival, while Syria, Iran and Yemen visas must be obtained prior to arrival. Turkey requires a visa, and you will be denied entry if your passport does not contain two blank pages for the entry and exit stamps.

Things to Keep in Mind

As everywhere else, different countries in the Middle East and South Asia have their own quirks. Interpreters in Israel and Lebanon work in pairs, for example. Internet stability can be questionable in the region.  Don’t neglect the test call if anyone is attending the deposition via videoconference.

For more information on depositions anywhere in the Middle East, contact Planet Depos International Scheduling at 888.433.3767, fill out our Quick Questions form, or easily schedule your international deposition now.

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